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Outsourcing your insurance & patient billing to a third-party Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) service like BillFlash frees you to provide the highest levels of patient care while also improving your financial outcomes.

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Why Choose BillFlash
Revenue Cycle Management Services?

As a healthcare organization, effective RCM is crucial for ensuring financial stability and success. Navigating the complex processes of billing, coding, and insurance reimbursements can be challenging, but can also impact your bottom line.

Check out these staggering statistics:

Whether you're a  physician or office manager at a medical practice looking to streamline your billing and collections process or a medical billing company managing billing for multiple practices, BillFlash offers the best end-to-end RCM services that will manage everything from pre-claim services to patient payments and collections.

Billing Experts for Every State

No matter where you're located, our billing experts are experienced and compliant with regulations in all 50 states.

Support for Every EMR Software

BillFlash RCM Services works with medical billers familiar with all EMR applications.

Medical Billers for Every Specialty

BillFlash employs billing and coding experts in virtually every specialty.

RCM Solution for Any Practice

BillFlash RCM Services provide a cost-effective solution for practices of all sizes.

Features & Benefits

Simplify & Focus

Eliminate back office billing distractions, costs, and headaches​ while your team focuses on healthcare.

Pre-Claim Services

Lay the foundation for a payable claim before the patient encounter even begins by entrusting our agency to pre-authorize.

Claim Processing

Collect every dollar you earn with excellent documentation, professional coding, and a higher level of accuracy.

Payment Verification

Achieve superior payment results. We incorporate a highly effective appeals process for improperly denied claims to reduce denials, as well as conduct regular follow-ups on unpaid claims.

Patient Billing

We'll take care of your patient billing using BillFlash Billing Services to send statements by mail and electronically as eBill Notices via text and email.

Patient Payments

We'll work with you to accept patient payments using BillFlash Payment Services in accordance with your engagement protocols.

Patient Collections

We'll manage patient collections using BillFlash Integrated Collection Services to simplify the process of managing past-due A/R to get your practice paid.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager will conduct monthly meetings to review performance reports and offer strategies for enhancing revenue, reducing denials, and boosting your RCM efficiency.

Real Customers. Real Results.

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"We have been with BillFlash since 2007. It was one of the best decisions I've made for the practice. It is so user-friendly, and most importantly, cost-effective. Our patients really like the eBills. Last year we also changed our credit card vendor to BillFlash for online payments. The patients really like it, and the staff do as well."

Rachelle D.

Practice Operations Manager


"Billing patients for services provided is always the most time consuming and complicated task. NexTrust BillFlash has eased these pains in my business by creating a seamless way to send eBills and collect payments. They also integrate with my practice management software. If you need a full-scale billing solution contact these guys for great customer service and a comprehensive plan to collect what you've worked hard for!"

Raymond B.

Medical Director


"As a veteran in healthcare IT, I want to say that BillFlash services by NexTrust have to be the best services I have used in all of my 20 years experience in the healthcare industry. The technology, support, and staff are outstanding and highly recommended."

Bobby G.



"As a billing service, the BillFlash products and services have been invaluable! It was simple to integrate BillFlash into our different billing applications. BillFlash has increased our revenue, saved a huge amount of time, decreased our cost of statements, and the representatives are always friendly. We will be a customer for life!"

April D.



You have nothing to lose but inefficient processes.

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