Integrated Collection Services

Eliminate headaches caused by trying to work with a non-integrated collection agency. Your past-due accounts are just an approval away from having a professional get to work collecting your earnings.

Patient Responsibility Continues to Rise

Patient responsibility has increased to over 50% for many practices, making effective collections more important than ever.

Collections Reimagined

You Asked. We Listened. 

We surveyed our 30,000+ providers to find out how we can help them get paid more. 65% of respondents stated they need help with collections.


You Defined. We Built.

Now there's a solution, designed based on your requirements, built for how you work. 


Best of all? Our Integrated Collections Services work seamlessly with BillFlash Billing Services & Pay Services, allowing you to manage all of your billing and payment workflows in one place.


Features & Benefits


You manage the rules that generate recommended accounts for collections during your normal billing file reviews.


From the recommendations, you approve which accounts are sent and can withdraw any accounts at any time.


You can see all contact activities for every open account.


You are notified about and approve any write-offs that your Payers offer.

Recovery Specialists

Payers are treated respectfully by our team of Recovery Specialists who are licensed in all 50 states. Reps receive ongoing compliance training, courtesy coaching, and 75% are bilingual to ensure language is never a barrier.

Persuasive & Effective

The Revenue Recovery team tactfully lets payers know you’re serious about getting paid and uses proven methods to bring you higher revenue recovery that beats industry averages.

Payment Plans

When Payers are unable to pay in full for valid reasons, your pre-authorized payment plan options (PlanPay) will be offered, which gets you payments when none were otherwise likely.

Deposits & Invoicing

Collected payments are deposited directly into the bank account used with your BillFlash Pay Servicesmeaning you get paid firstno waiting on a collections agency to take their cut.