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Our powerful ROI tool allows you to easily calculate your potential return on investment when you partner with BillFlash by NexTrust for your billing and payment solution.

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"Before BillFlash, creating and sending invoices was error ridden, difficult, tedious, and time-consuming. With BillFlash, we have gone from
about a 10% collection rate to over 75%!"

- Becky Shaw, President, Affordable Health Clinic

How Much More Can You Earn with BillFlash? Find Out!

By inputting key data such as costs, payroll, and the number of statements you send on average, our calculator can show you how integrating with BillFlash can maximize your ROI and improve your overall revenue stream! Try it out today to see how much more money you could be generating with BillFlash services while simplifying your billing and payment process.


BillFlash: Your End-to-End Financial Solution for
Billing, Payments, & Collections

When you integrate your billing application with BillFlash, you’ll also benefit from simplifying your vendor management by consolidating all your Billing, Payment, and Collection Services into one integrated financial solution. 

Imagine enjoying all these benefits in one integrated platform, with one support number, and one dedicated account consultant to help you maximize the efficiency of your business—all under one roof.

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