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We noticed a 50% increase when we started using BillFlash versus sending out statements ourselves. Easy efficient and I did not have worry about giving up control of what my statements communicated to our patients as it was all in my hands. Great customer service every time and any time I called with questions.
Shawna S.
Before BillFlash, creating and sending invoices was error ridden, difficult, tedious and time-consuming. BillFlash allows us to generate, proof, edit (in real time) and send over 200 invoices in less than an hour and we know all the information is correct because it is pulled directly from our billing software. We have gone from about a 10% collection rate to over 75%!
Becky S.
Since obtaining BillFlash our patient payments went up 50%! Patients have informed us that the statements are easy to read and they love how simple it is pay. Providers have raved about how quick they receive payments and love the ease of identifying patient payments in the mail. As a billing service, the BillFlash products and service have been invaluable! It was so simple to integrate BillFlash into our different billing softwares. The USPS address update has decreased returned statements exponentially. BillFlash has increased our revenue, saved a huge amount of time, decreased our cost of statements, and the representatives are always friendly. We will be a customer for life! BTW..every word is honestly true! You all rock!!!!
April D.
At PSS we don’t just recommend Billflash, we use it. Before ever offering Billflash to our clients, we tested it with our in house billing company for 12 months to make sure it was a product we felt we could stand behind. Billflash has been an amazing time saver and has certainly helped our doctors receive their payments faster. It enabled our billers to do in minutes what in the past had taken an entire day. No more addressing envelopes, worrying about postage or hours spent stuffing! You can review and approve statements before they are sent out and exclude anything that needs a little more attention. We can even add notes on a per statement basis. We have recommended Billflash to billing companies and office staff for years and I can say everyone of our clients have been as pleased as we have.
Adam Z.
BillFlash saves time, money, and eliminates the hassles of sending out your patient statements. Sending out your patient statements, professionally printed and mailed, by BillFlash is no different the sending your insurance claims electronically. Just like with claims you’ll eliminate the headaches and costs associated with printing, folding, inserting, stamping and mailing your statements while improving your cash flow. The clients we have signed on with BillFlash report savings of 25-50% compared of their old method of creating patient statements. You will not only be saving money on ink, paper, envelopes, postage, and the cost of labor, but you will be saving a great deal of wear and tear on your printers. BillFlash not only allows you to send patient statements as often as you like, it can also send out collection letters or any other type of notices to your patients such as reminders, promotions, monthly new letters, change of office hours, or even change of address.
George S.
Implementing Billflash has been one of the best corporate decisions we have EVER made. Sending out statements for our Clients is a major portion of our business. No more printing hundreds of statements, stuffing envelopes, sealing envelopes and stamping. With Billflash it is a simple three step process online and your statement project is complete. Billflash links directly into our software module; it’s easy and efficient. Our clients get paid FASTER with less mistakes – no more messy address labels. Customer service is OVER THE TOP. They are very personable and pleasing to deal with. Representatives, and managers, answer the phone and have readily assisted us with any concerns about the Billflash product. They walked us through the process. A Billflash Manager actually took the time to help us change our billing information just minutes before the charges were to be deducted from a closed account! We would HIGHLY recommend Billflash to any business that sends out statements.
Ron M.
As a veteran in healthcare IT, I want to say that BillFlash by NexTrust has been the best service I have used in all of my 20 years experience in the healthcare industry. The technology, support, and staff are outstanding and highly recommended.
Bobby G.
We have been with BillFlash since 2007. It was one of the best decisions I've made for the practice. It is so user-friendly, and most importantly, cost-effective. Our patients really like the eBills. Last year we also changed our credit card vendor to BillFlash for online payments. The patients really like it, and the staff do as well.
Rachelle D.
Billing patients for services provided is always the most time consuming and complicated task. NexTrust BillFlash has eased these pains in my business by creating a seamless way to send eBills and collect payments. They also integrate with my practice management software. If you need a full-scale billing solution contact these guys for great customer service and a comprehensive plan to collect what you've worked hard for!
Raymond B.
I have used BillFlash at many companies over the last 13 years and have personally used it for my own business for the last 9 years. Providers that opt into the Epay services have noticed a 60% increase in patient payments within the first 30 days of the balance becoming patient responsibility. Providers no longer have to wait 30, 60, or 90 days to get paid. Accepting payments automatically has allowed my providers to increase revenue and decrease cost of patient statements
Dottie J.

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