Mailed Bills

Mailed bills reliably ensure your Payers clearly understand their financial responsibility while also enabling & encouraging them to pay you online.

Best Practice Tip

Accelerate revenue by sending eBill Notices, along with highly reliable Mailed Bills as legal notice.

mailed bills service

Features & Benefits

Customizable Templates

Easily add/edit messages, specify the forms of payment you accept, and change color.

Review, Edit & Approve

Only approved bills are sent. During your review, you can also delete, add/edit messages, and change color.

Fast Delivery

Approved bills are mailed First-Class USPS the next business day.

Address Updating

With the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) service, bills are automatically mailed to new addresses and you get a report of changed addresses.

Coupons & Envelopes

Helpful payment coupons and return envelopes are included, which, when used, reduce your processing costs and troubles.

Online Payments

Mailed bills also enable & encourage Payers to view & pay bills online or by mobile for your mutual benefits.

View Mailed Bills

Staff can view the same bill that Payers receive so that you can easily understand and answer questions.

Billing Reports

Easily find bill processing details and Change of Address reports to update your records.