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Patient statement inserts - A man reading mailed medical leaflets at home.

3 Ways Inserts Can Enhance Patient Mailed Statements

Building a strong relationship with patients is crucial in healthcare. It’s about far more than just excellent medical care, it is also about maintaining a consistent, open line of communication. In an industry where providers have to keep patients informed about new policies, procedures, and treatment options, communication through patient statement inserts is an effective way to deliver this information cost-effectively—after all, postage is already paid for mailing the statement.
In this post, we’ll explore three key ways inserts can enhance a mailed patient statement: by providing valuable educational materials, offering promotional or informational content, and improving the overall patient experience. Ultimately, we’ll see how these three elements elevate communication while fostering patient engagement and satisfaction.

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Doctor communicating transparently with patient about payment.

Fostering Patient Relationships Through Payment Options

Facing the burden of high-deductible health plans and escalating out-of-pocket costs, an increasing number of patients are delaying or choosing not to receive necessary medical care. In the past year alone, approximately one-quarter of all American adults skipped or postponed getting treatment due to cost. Unsurprisingly, the rates are even higher among the uninsured—over 60% reported facing similar difficulties. This article explores best practices for leveraging patient payment options to enhance patient satisfaction, trust, and engagement.

First, we will discuss common patient payment preferences and concerns to inform effective financial strategies. Next, we will discuss the value of offering customizable patient payment options and convenient online payment channels.

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